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ID Aware monitors your credit profile and alerts you to the risk of identity theft.

ID Aware gives you the tools and services to minimise your risk of identity theft and put mistakes on your credit profile right.

Over 221,000 frauds were recorded in 2013, that is over 600 frauds every day, according to CIFAS (Fraudscape 2014 report). The same reported highlighted that Identity related crimes, frauds where criminals misuse the personal data of victims, accounted for over 60% of all fraud in the UK in 2013.

ID Aware helps you spot the early warning signs of identity theft. Your credit profile is continuously monitored on your behalf by leading credit reference agency, Callcredit, who will warn you of any significant changes so you can take action if you suspect fraud. We’ll also tell you monthly if there are no changes so you’ll know your credit profile is being monitored.


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ID Aware gives you the tools and information to manage your credit profile and spot the early warning signs of identity theft:

  • a credit monitoring service that sends timely text or email alerts when any credit is taken out in your name or your credit profile changes significantly
  • unlimited access to your credit report online or by post whenever you request it
  • a quarterly credit statement including a summary of activity on your credit profile and a report on your credit rating with tips on how to improve it
  • access to a team of dedicated specialists who will take control if you’ve been a victim of fraud as well as the option to have a personal identity theft risk assessment.

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Each ID Aware membership is for one person only. To enrol in ID Aware you must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the United Kingdom.